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Wildlife  200

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Egret Flying - 2006

Non panorama images stitched together for the

 fun of it.






Patagonia 16


Fitzroy Monochrome

Sometimes scenic

images can look better in monochrome.

Cordillera Paine

Just a beautiful

location early in

the morning waiting for

the sun to rise.


Iceland 15



Early morning and

cold.  Taking a panorama

was a last thought.


A bizarre sepia image

of a bizarre place. 

Southern Highlands

This is my favorite

type of pastoral







Eastern Sierra 13


E.  Sierra - South Lake

Low snow fall in California has had a major effect on Lakes in the Eastern Sierra.

Yosemite 11


Yosemite - Fall 11 - 2

Viewing the valley from Sentinel Dome is unbelievable but not necessarily photogenic.


Yosemite Win. 11-4

After a serious snow storm, the view from Tunnel View was breath taking, literally.

Eastern Sierra 10


E. Sierra 2010 - 1

A highly color intense image taken at North Lake in the Eastern Sierra in autumn.

Yosemite 02


Yosemite 2002 

A "redo" of 2 images of Half Dome taken in winter.

Eastern Sierra 08


E. Sierra- 2008 - 2 

Buttermilk Country is a lesser known, but equally beautiful area just west of Bishop.

NoCal Coast 08


Arcata- 1- 2008 

An early morning, foggy view of the California Coastline above Arcata adjacent to Redwood National Park.

Arcata-2- 2008

The scene is so surreal. I'd really like to spend a lot more time on the northern coast.

Bryson Canyon 07


Bryson Cyn 1 - 2007 

Great canyons outside Grand Junction Colorado stitched from a point and shoot digital camera..


Monterey 07


Point Lobos 1 - 2007 

  A typical afternoon with a ratio of only 3:1 vs 4:1.


Garrapata 1 - 2007 

  Gorgeous surf sculpted landscape facing north from point.



Garrapata 2 - 2007 

Facing south from the point uncovers the subtle colors of the flora.


CA Central Coast 07



Cambria Trees - 2007 

An early foggy morning panorama with subtle colors.


Mono Lake 05



E. Sierra Tufa - 2006 

Images stitched from hand held photos.





Sonora Bay- 2000

First attempt to stitch together several images.






Spring Bulbs - 2007 

A psychedelic montage of 4 similar images.