Surfbout 07




Surf Intro
Photographed the final 8 heats of Round 64; great weather but  decreasing wave height.  Went back the following morning but left due to  foggy, wet weather and small choppy waves not really conducive to creating decent photographs.

Results  (pdf)


On Location













   Heat 9 - 16


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Comment:  Right when you think Chris Ward can't do another aerial stunt, he does. In fact, he makes some of the other surfers appear a little boring.

Chris Ward 1

Chris Ward 2

Chris Ward 3



Chris Ward 4

Chris Ward 5

Chris Ward 6


Chris Ward 7

Austin Ware 1

Jason Shibata 1

Evan Valiere 1

Noi 1

Nathan Yoemans 1

Dane Johnson 1

Dane Johnson 2

Nathan Yoemans 2

Nathan Yoemans 3

Nathan Yoemans 4

Sean Moody 1




C J Hobgood 1









Photo Notes