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PL Project

High Tech

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Pipeline Project


One third mile PL project covering

 3 primary construction sites:


       1) Manifold Site:  PL tie-in to 20" PL

               above ground MOV and

               instrumentation pads.

       2) Container Yard:  HDR Drill Site &

               PL trenching to manifold.

       3) Parking Lot:  HDR pull site & under

               ground vault tie-in.




22" O.D. HDPE casing prior to startup of project. 



   Week 1



PARKING LOT:  Carefully removing dirt around underground pipes.





PARKING LOT:  Steel pipe layout in prep for HDD "pull".


   Week 2





CONTAINER YARD:  Trenching operation.






Trenching from container yard to above ground manifold.







ABOVE GROUND MANIFOLD:   Prepping for pad.



CONTAINER YARD:  Ready to install pipe. 







PARKING LOT:  No shortage of pipes where HDD will be pulled from.


   Week 3






ABOVE GROUND MANIFOLD:  Pouring concrete to support valves & piping.



ABOVE GROUND MANIFOLD:  Pipeline work under street.




CONTAINER YARD:  Ditch Witch drilling bore hole.


   Week 4



Container Yard to Manifold:  Laying out pipe in trench.


   HDD in Parking Lot






Reaming Phases: 12", 20" 33" after successful initial boring.



HDPE Pipe lined up for "pull".



Positioning the HDPE pipe for the pull is like directing spaghetti.



HDPE pipe final adjustments prior to being pulled through bore hole.



Success!  Ditch Witch completes pulling the 22" HDPE pipe thru bore hole.


   Week 5



PARKING LOT:  Getting ready to pig the casing.



CONTAINER YARD: PL ready to be slurried.



MANIFOLD:  Instrumentation pad ready to be poured.



CONTAINER YARD:  Pouring slurry in trench.


   Week 6



PARKING LOT:  Drone view of layout.



PARKING LOT:  Lining up 2nd section of PL for welding.


   Week 7



PARKING LOT:  Getting ready to tie-in to vault pipeline.



CONTAINER YARD:  Tying in bore PL to PL to manifold.



Parking Lot:  No shortage of pipes to avoid.



CONTAINER YARD:  Ready for slurry.


   Week 8













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