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  LIBERAL REPUBLICAN Rational / Conclusion:
  Approach to life:. Feeling based. Fact based. Sometimes fact selection & interpretation is questionable. 
  Summary position. Smug indignation for persons with different beliefs. Self-righteousness is often confused with conservativism.  
  Simplistic Solution to Problems: Raise taxes and fail to monitor the spending they already have. Lower taxes but sure spend a lot..  Iraq war spending was mostly off-balance sheet spending. Keynesian spending helped the US survive  financial crash created by the Republican party and president Clinton in 1999.
  View of US economy: Believes that a strong economy emanates from the TOP DOWN and will support everyone, even with little individual participation or contribution.  Believes that a strong economy emanates from the BOTTOM UP and requires everyone to contribute and participate resulting in a strong economy.   
  Involvements with others Proponents of regulations but also don't regulate  themselves personally. Want individual freedom but want to tell you how to live your life in regards to contraception, abortion, overseas countries activities.   
  Behavior: Act like one feels. Acts appropriately based on perceived ideas of society or religion.  
  Free Speech Preach it but then condemn conservative speech and use tactics to deny speech that they disagree with.    
  Minimum wage: Increase minimum wage and then adjust to CPI. Need to increase big time $2.86 tipped wage in 17 states.  
  Income taxes: Wealthier people should pay more.  Lower rates with fewer brackets. If professional middle class has AMT, so should wealthy.
  Air pollution from transportation. Over regulate and limit supply. Under regulate and increase supply. 

Let the free market do what it does with reasonable regulation

but implement mileage standards. 

 Violence: I am told by liberal news media that conservatives are violent.

I watch a lot of news but mostly see liberals looting and

causing violence.

Just an observation. 
















  LIBERAL REPUBLICAN Rational / Conclusion:
  Personal Responsibility: Preach standards for others to comply. Typically the ones being regulated. Tremendous amount of hypocrisy on both sides.
  Truth: Adjust the truth to support a position or personal conviction.    Understands the facts before rendering a conclusion. But can cherry pick the facts incorrectly. Business owners are typically Republicans because if they don't understand and act on real market facts, they go out of business.
  Ability to articulate position: Still trying to understand their rationale on many issues.  Too many wackadoodles in leadership positions.   
  Spending: Increased spending can solve a lot of problems. Reduce spending to bare basics or to the states. Refocus spending efficiently to the public good.
  Response to Crises: More thoughtful / professorial. Sometimes difficult to get a response to an issue with unknowns. Take more rapid action based on personal experience.  Often precipitous. Take more rapid action based on best known facts.
  Identity: Who you are. What you've accomplished.    
  Basis of arguments: Substance (reluctantly). Most arguments against Democrats based on procedure Substantive ideas coming from the Republican party are few and far between. 
  Process vs Policy: Idealog Hide behind constitution.   
  Hypocrisy: Not applicable if doesn't support position. Too simplistic.  Tim Cook - anti sexism in US but not China.

Rights come from birth.

Rights come from accomplishment.

Some from birth some from accomplishment. 

  Cause & effect: Generally don't make the connection between them. Generally over-state the connection. Just try to be reasonable and understand the relationship.
  Standard of Living Improved from an increase in government services. Improved from personal accomplishment. 

The government is not the most efficient provider of services. 

Taxes reduce standard of living by reducing spendable income. 

  Feminism Liberals has a list of criteria that must be met in order to be identified as a feminist.  Stay-at-home moms are everything that feminism isn't  . 

Feminism is the ability of any women to achieve what they want out of life without male obstruction.  

  Ethnic Assimilation Believe in multi culturism  Believe that America is the only culture if you live in the US 

You need to be an American first but there is some room for honoring your heritage.

  Job Creation Government is the source of all jobs. Jobs are created by people meeting the needs of other people.   

Actually there is a mutual synergy between groups and both need the help of the other.

  Moving forward: Command & Control: Marketplace only.  

Need both.

  Judgmental: If so, tend to keep it to themselves or hold beliefs quietly.  Tend to be very judgmental and let everyone know their opinion. 

I'm a live and let live person.  I thought only God had the right to be judgmental.  I'm told by judgmental people that I'm wrong. 

  Prejudice: People are valuable for "being".  People are valuable for their individual accomplishments. 

When people are rewarded even though they haven't accomplished anything.  . 

  Separation Church & State: Yes No, believe church is part of political life.

I don't think Republicans understand this principle.

  Collective vs individual    


  National Image Compassion & understanding. Power & authority.

Unfortunately, bad guys take advantage of compassion & understanding.

  Krauthammer: If disagree with conservative, they are evil. If disagree with liberal, they are misguided. Well regarded conservative author. 
  LIBERAL REPUBLICAN Rational / Conclusion:
  Gender Identity: Your gender identity is based on how you feel. Based on your physical plumbing and reproduction. Seems obvious.
  Obamacare Subsidies: Believe the intent of the law was to allow for subsides on both state and federal exchanges but only included states.  Obamacare specifically states that subsidies only given on state exchanges. That's what it says.  That's why it's important to read the law before passing the law.
  Alternative Energy: Funding alternative energy with tax payer money. (Other people's money) Vehemently against any tax payer money to fund alternative money research. I own and utilize my own solar panels to provide most of my electrical requirements.
  How do you judge people? By their beliefs and feelings.  By their actual accomplishments. I have to go with accomplishments.  People don't always tell the truth about their believes and their feelings.
  Believes about capitalism.  Way left: capitalism is the source of all evil. Way right: Unfettered capitalism is responsible foe all wealth. We need regulated capitalism that supports a fair playing field for all and promotes innovation.  Even roads need traffic rules.
  Top Down vs Bottom Up.  Liberals believe that the upper levels of government and scholarship are better informed and equipped to handle managing the country and its citizens.    Conservatives believe that the best ideas come from the bottom (states) and that persons with unquestioned authority are most like to abuse their position. Abuse of unchallenged authority is common practice in 3rd world countries. 
  Personal privacy.    

"Texas subpoenas records of Planned Parenthood patients."

So much for personal privacy and government intervention.  This is also the party that doesn't mind "data mining" of all American's telephone calls and email. 

The Hypocrisy level is off the charts. 
  Success in life:.  Entitlement.

Sweat and hard work.

  LIBERAL REPUBLICAN Rational / Conclusion:
  Economic Equity Make country more equal by taking from the economically successful.

Make country more equal by proving economic opportunity

for all.

Need to have a compromise that provided opportunity

but also a safety net for disadvantaged, not the lazy.



Sees the world as they would like it to be no how it actually is. 


What is a






 I really hate it when some of the most untruthful Republican politicians call themselves conservatives.  The problem is that there are many interpretations of what a "conservative" really is and of course the most right-wing politician will always lay claim to the word conservative.  You'd think that the more right-wing you are, the more conservative you are.  Really?


Some will even drag in the Constitution of the UIS as their basis of understanding of the word.  At that point, since the Constitution is also subject to scholar's interpretation, it just isn't worth further conversation with the person laying claim to their version of the constitution. 


I really can't succinctly define the word "conservative" but I can try to articulate the true meaning of the word, so here goes:




 Conservatives don't trash talk a struggling economy for their own political gain (which could lead to recession). 


Conversely, conservatives don't cheerlead a successful  economy and create artificial economic bubbles.


Politicians must understand that they are in positions of power and influence and what they say counts.  



"Obstructionism" (e.g. filibuster) is a tactic but not a conservative principle. 




Conservative aren't dictatorial.  (They're supposed to be for freedom.)




Conservatives don't shut down the US government if they don't get their way.  (Isn't that treason?)




Conservatives follow the principles of their own faith but don't force their faith on others.




Conservatives don't "cherry pick" the US Constitution on some issues and then ignore it on others. 




Hypocrisy and inconsistency are not conservative principles.




(More brain farts to come soon after I thinks of them.)