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Life in America seems to becoming one big giant set

of ironies.  I just thought I'd list some of them.



Warning: Some thoughts might be provocative if not puzzling.








Trump (and his campaign) are being accused by the Democrats of colluding with the Russians and interfering with the presidential elections.  I have a theory that if the Russians did interfere, it is that they threw their support behind Bernie which totally undermined Hillary and paved the way for Trump to win. (Most Bernie supporters would never vote for Hillary.) As a double bonus irony, the Democrats are now trying to undermine the Trump presidency with the Russia allegations which is exactly what Putin wants.  The Russians are definitely playing "chess". 


Bob Beckel (democrat) fired from "The 5" for a racial slur.  Bob was an original participant in the freedom marches in the South during Martin Luther King's movement for racial justice.  (05/18/17)


The City of Los Angeles is a sanctuary city that is very welcoming to all people from all countries (in itself, not a bad thing) but then complains about lack of housing, rising housing prices, and not enough money to pay for low income housing.  The city officials need to go back to school or are they just the product of a failing school system. 


There is little doubt that Manafort had dealings with Russia, just look it up in Wikipedia, but Trump fired Manafort and is now the target of a investigation into Russian interference in the presidential election.  Ironically, Hillary, as Secretary of State, allowed a Canadian company that owned 20% of the potential uranium supply in the U.S. to be purchased by Russians connected to Putin's government.  What am I missing?