"Privilege", in principle:

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 - I am privileged that I was born in the US.  This country appears to offer more opportunity than any other country in the world.  


 - I am privileged that I was brought up by 2 parents and lived in a healthy, if not sometimes dysfunctional, but caring family.


 - I am privileged that my doctor classifies me as a healthy male.  At age 60 65,  I had the revelation that money really means a lot less when you are of ill health (except you are able to pay for healthcare). 


 - I am privileged that I live in a major metropolitan area with clean air, clean water, clean earth, and social and cultural opportunities.

     Now for the reality of "Privilege":

  - I am privileged that I get to pay pay 56.3% in taxes (Fed income of 28%/AMT, CA income of 13%, SS of 12.4%, and Medicare of 2.9%) plus high property and sales tax.  For every $1.00 I spend at a store or restaurant, I had to earn $3.00. 


  - I am privileged that I got to spend full price to send my kids to college and also paid double the price so someone else's kid, of lesser means and probably less ambition, could go to college for free. 


 - I am privileged that I have been able to forgo expensive vacations, fancy cars, and a debt ridden life style so that I could save money for retirement and pay more taxes to cover those that didn't save for retirement. 

     Social Change:




   - I am privileged to have witnessed America change from a predominantly first world nation to a marginally 3rd world nation in the last 50 years.  On a personal level, this is not inherently bad but large influxes of legal and undocumented immigrants have placed more than its fair share of influence on the culture of America.  Not that the existing American culture is anything the write home about but at least the principles of freedom, achievement, self reliance were a foundation for the culture.  I'm no longer convinced that these principles will remain intact.