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I've learned more about the US government in the past year than in the previous 40.



 - The southern border of the US is really not secured even though we were advised that it was.


 - We have a history of not being able to protect our embassies overseas, especially when it requires a quick military response. 


 - The people heading the IRS are political appointees who typically have donated money to the political party in the executive office. 


 - The IRS can and does specifically single out individuals with political views contrary to the current executive office.


 - I have known for 40 years (ex Viet Nam era) that the VA is extremely inefficient (nice word).  Nothing has changed except politicians pronouncing they will fix the VA but never do.  Welcome to single payer healthcare. 


 - The term "comprehensive", when attached to the name of any federal regulation, is bad.  It basically means that the regulation is so complex that no congressman or senator has read it and the unintended consequences will be disastrous.

 - Agency after agency is experiencing increasing  mis-management and possible corruption, much like in a 3rd world country.    


- The NSA may or may not be spying on American citizens and its friends and allies, but other related U.S. agencies certainly are.   - The U.S. really has very limited foreign intelligence in uncovering foreign crises before they occur. 


 - U.S. citizens would rather vote for a candidate that has charisma than a candidate that has leadership capabilities of fixing things.