Tech. Intro        




     20 Elements:   


      1)    Goal is to stop peak action with facial expression & ball in image - background a plus.

      2)    Preset bodies ready to shoot shutter 1,000+ - aperture priority - low F stop - try auto ISO.

      3)    Use 2 camera bodies - Rapid strap for close-up action.  (tele zoom & wide angle)

      4)    Where is the light and where is it going. 

      5)    Kneel as low to ground as possible.

      6   Vigilance on clean background.  (Bokeh)

      7)    Keep shooting after the play is over.  (Capture players celebrating.)

      8)    You're shooting action.  Try to get something special and different.       

      9)    Don't forget to shoot details.

    10)    Know the game.   


    Other Considerations:


     1)     Shoot the sidelines, coaches, etc

     2)     Shoot the cheerleaders.

     3)     See photographically.

     4)     Telephoto for close-ups VS wide angle for sense of place.