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     Art Wolf - 09/18/16:   


      1)    The Creation - Ernst Haas

      2)    Creating art work, not just capturing an image.

      3)    Mikey:  How to merge the real world with the art world.

      4)    In art, the image can exceed the frame.

      5)    To capture transient movement (reflections), now have high ISO, high shutter speed, and F16 or F22.

      6)    The time to shoot is on a miserable day.   

      7)    Atmospheric conditions can turn a picture into art. 

      8)    Your first shots of a subject are rarely your best.  Shoot it again until you get it right. 

      9)    Play with spatial relationships.

    10)   Mikey:  Straddling between P&S shot and complex image.         


     1)    Use highlight weighted metering at beach or where "whites: will be blown out.  (Expose Comp:  +2 )