Photo Slideshow Creator  ( PS Creator )


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Tech. Intro

Introductory Concept:

Creating an "MP4" internet slide show with music is achieved with a single file.

FrontPage will not link to a MP4 file.

Must link to outside web service (Vimeo) in order to view slideshow.


       Images:  JPEGs or Tiffs  (prefer 450 / 630 pxl ht)

       Music:  MP3

   Output:  (Photo Slideshow Creator can create and HD MP4 file for access on web)

       Save as:  xxxxx

       Output: xxxx



     1.  Create a folder in Library and place all JPEGs in it.   (include MP3)

                a)  Open TIFF ...  watermark ... reduce to 900 pxlht 

                b)  add 15 pxl white PShop border

                         IMAGE...CANVAS PIXEL first ... 15 in width & height boxes, WHITE border.

                c)  add 200 pxl black to 450 pxl image                           Vert:      610 x 790

                     add 150 pxl black to 630 pxl image                           Horiz:    790 x 610

                         IMAGE...CANVAS PIXEL first ... 200 in width & height boxes, BLACK border.

                d)  Save as JPEG-5   (if blank, try PDF, PSD, TIFF)

                        (Don't need term "flash" in file name because SWF file created in Library directory.)  

                 (image JPEG files should be between 100-200 kb)

     2.  Place a music MP3 file in the same folder.        


 II.   Open Photo Slideshow Creator:

            (before starting, make sure there are only JPEGS, Tiffs and MP3 files in the folder)


            (select folder) ...  "Add All Photos"


            (select top left image - nice fade-in) ...   "Apply to All"

   PROJECT SETTINGS   (upper right of screen)

              MAIN TAB


              MUSIC TAB

                    add music file ...  left click on MP3 file ... SAVE     


 III.  Save project File & Create MP4:  


         "Create Video Slide Show"

               Save:  YES       (PSC-figure-121025-psk)       SAVE     

         "Create Video for INTERNET" ...  "Create Video for INTERNET"

         VIMEO  (in left side bar) ...  VIMEO  HD 1080p


         (move sliders to about 70 MB) 


         START ... SAVE ... OK ... Play My Videos


IV.  Upload to Vimeo   (Vimeo will send URL link to email after upload successful)


            Codec:               H264

            Frame Rate:     30 FPS

            Data Rate:        5,000 KB

            Resolution:      1280 x 720 (HD)

            De interlace:    NO


          Codec:               AAC  (advance audio codec)

          Data Rate:        320 KB   (maximum for Vimeo)  

          Sample Rate:   44,1 kHz   (max. for Vimeo)  




V.  Other Formats: