Photo Experience





Tech. Intro


Introductory Concept:

Creating an internet slide show with music is achieved with a single SWF (flash) file

that is attached by hyperlink into a FrontPage based web site.



       Images:  TIFFs (min 800x600 pxl)  ---> JPEGs 

       Music:  MP3 and WAV

   Output:  (SWF'n Slide creates 2 kinds of output files)

       Save as:  SNS file that SWF'n Slide can reopen and make changes

       Output:  Adobe Macromedia Flash (SWF) for Windows

                     QuickTime for Apple but latest version, flash has been disabled


1. Original files.

2. Renamed files.

3. Touched up files.

4. Reduced size.

     (1,200 pxl ht)

5. Copyright.

6. White border.

    (+ 10 pxl white)

7. Black border.

    (+ 150 pxl black)

8. Renumbered.

9. Reduced size.

   (med: 640 pxl ht)

   (large:900 pxl ht)



     1.  Create a folder in Library and place all Tiffs & MP3 in it.  

                 a)  See process at left.       

                 b)  SWF slide show options:                                       Medium Size        Large Size     

                                                                                                    640 x 480               800 x 600  

                 c)  add 10 pxl white PShop border

                         IMAGE...CANVAS SIZE...select PIXEL first ... 15 in width & height boxes, WHITE border.

                 d)  add 200 pxl black to 450 pxl image        Vert:      610 x 790        

                      add 150 pxl black to 630 pxl image        Horiz:    790 x 610  

                         IMAGE...CANVAS SIZE...select PIXEL first ... 200 in width & height boxes, BLACK border.  

                c)  Minimum size of image to avoid error:     Horiz:    790 x 610           900 x1260

                                                                                     Vert:      800 x 600           1260x x 900

                        (Don't need term "flash" in file name because SWF file created in Library directory.)  

                 (image JPEG files should be between 100-200 kb)

     2.  Place a music MP3 file in the same folder.        



            (Tip 1 - After each step, run slide show to isolate where "errors" are being caused.)

            (Tip 2 - Before starting, make sure there are only JPEGS, TIFF, PSD and MP3 files in the folder)

     a.  Create slide show from folder ...ok

     b.  Double click directory ...ok

                (all JPEGs in folder will be loaded)   

                (if image blacked out, jpeg file name is too long)

     c.  Left click on 1st slide.        


 III.  SLIDE SHOW PROPERTIES ICON:  (4th icon from left)

         - GENERAL TAB:

               800 x 600 ... check  PROTECT ... check  DISABLE PRINTING

         - SWF TAB:

               check  PRELOAD ... PLAY FOREVER

         - SOUND TAB:

      check PLAY SOUND...browse MP3 file...quality: HIGH...STREAM...PLAY FOREVER

                 (If don't want to play sound ... don't check anything.)

            - Exit (X)   


 IV.  SLIDE PROPERTIES ICON:  (5th icon from left)

          - FX TAB:

            transition: FADE IN... duration: LONG ... click icon APPLY TO ALL SLIDES

                 (tip: on first slide, no fade in)

             - Exit (X)


   V.  Save Project as SNS Icon:  (optional)


  VI.  EXPORT SWF ICON:  (2nd icon from right)

           - select original library directory ...  (file name convention) "surfing-swf.swf"   

           - When close will ask to save ... NO   (already saved when exported)


 VII.  PREVIEW SLIDESHOW ICON:  (3rd icon from right)

               (move SWF file to web directory or will be included in next SWF file creation.)



     1.  MOVE SWF file into FrontPage directory.

              (SWF file up to 6,000 kb)

     2.  Create hyperlink from FrontPage.


IX.  CONVERT SWF TO NON FLASH:  (note: makes the conversion while playing the show) 

     Apple no longer supports FLASH (SWF files)

           Smartsoft SWF Converter will convert to video format (but too large)

                  SWF - 6,811 kb   (flash)

                  AVI - 66,886 kb

                  WMV - 17,725 kb   (awful results)

                  MP4 - 66,950

     Conclusion:  no conversion method currently exists