Porta Visual Slideshow Maker - Java  VSM


Photo Experience





Tech. Intro

Introductory Concept:

Porta is a template that creates automatic FLASH templates.  Unfortunately, Apple has chosen to no longer support flash.  Visual Slideshow Maker does the same thing in Java.  There is no music capability.


   Input:       Images -  JPEGs  (prefer 300 horiz or 360 vert pxl ht)

   Outputs:   1) "index" file

                   2) "data" directory and "engine" directory



     Create a folder in Library and with all JPEGs in it. 

           (File name will be shown on slide show.)

               (Never create slideshow in web site directory - always "offsite" e.g.: Libraries Dir)

     Open Photoshop:

                a)  Open TIFF ...  watermark ... reduce to:

                       horizontal: 300 pxlht

                       vertical:     360 pxlht 

                b)  Add 5 pxl wide WHITE border

                        IMAGE...CANVAS SIZE...select PIXEL first ... 5 in width & height.

                c)  Add 200 pxl wide BLACK border

                        IMAGE...CANVAS SIZE...select PIXEL first ...

                d)  Note: if set up for verticals, horizontal must have 300 pxl border

                e)  Save as JPEG-8  

                        (Put "java' in file name to identify files in FrontPage - LARVA-1-java)  

                                (Image JPEG files should be between 100-200 kb)        



              (before starting, make sure there are only JPEGS in the folder)

     a.   Images ... add images from folder ... (select folder) ... OK



       Gallery ... Properties ...

           - General:  (1st tab)

                            Slide show title:  (leave blank)

                     Slide Show Title:  e.g. VSM-LarvaX

                     check: auto play / loop slide show  /  uncheck all others

           - Thumbnails:  (2nd tab)

                     thumbnails: horiz: 96 x 72  /  vert: custom size  ... 72 x 96

                     thumbnail quality: 100

                     page color: change to black

           - Images:  (3rd tab)

                            template: dark glass

                     image size: custom size ... 520 x 520 for vertical show

                     preserve aspect ratio: check

                     shrink large image:  check

                     image quality: 100

                     transition effect: fade

           - Publish:  (4th tab)

                     Check publish to folder ... browse correct directory ... OK ... PUBLISH 

                      (Slide show will auto play in default browser)


 IV.  SAVING WORKING FILE:   (in Libraries directory)

            Gallery ... save as: e.g.  VSM-LarvaX.visb

               reopen file when making changes to slide show at a later date



     1.  COPY Index File, Engine Directory,  and Data Directory to FrontPage web site

     2.  Create hyperlink from inside FrontPage to index file.

       3.   program creates a file on web called:  _vti_cnf  (when run)