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This web site is generated from FrontPage 2002.  The backbone and hyperlinks are  HTML with the following types of content:

  1. Index pages - HTML with thumbnails and text hyperlinks.

  2. Image pages - HTML with image hyperlinks.

  3. Test Strip pages - HTML with multiple image hyperlinks.

  4. PDF files

  5. Flash slide shows with/without music generated in SWF'n Slide.

  6. Flash albums generated in Porta.








Three primary methods for navigating HTML based site:

  1. Text and thumbnail/image hyperlinks.

  2. Text hyperlinks from "Site Map" page

  3. Text hyperlinks from "What's New" page.

  4. Hot spots on maps.

  5. Browser back button on "flash" pages

  6. Never more than 1 hyperlink away from HOME page.