Photo Experience





Tech. Intro



Introductory Concept:

Automatically create albums of images in flash to be included in FrontPage web.


Porta creates several directories with auto run files etc.

     Run Porta in the Drive C web directory.  


 I.    Open FrontPage to create flash folder:

        -  In the C:\ sub directory of choice in web site, create a folder "Porta flash"

        -  DIR: porta-flash-kat

        -  Copy all 300/360 jpegs into it that you want in the album.

              (use the term "flash" in file name so can be identified as a flash file in FrontPage "unlinked file" report)

        -  (note:  Porta will eventually create a folder named ALBUM in this directory.)   



 II.   Open Photoshop to add white border to jpeg images:

      -  IMAGE ... CANVAS SIZE ... pixels: 7, 7 ...OK ... SAVE


 III.   Open Porta to create or edit flash:

              -  Porta ... select applicable directory (in C drive) ... OK

      On Opening screen:

           -  Title:  Monterey 07 - Tara

           -  Footer:ThePhotoExperience.com (Use browser back button to return to intro.)

       A.  Under EDIT ALBUM:  don't use

       B.  Under OPTIONS:

              - skin: grey

              - thumbnails:  medium ... left

              - main images:  400 / 300 high

              - use SIMPLE VIEWER


 IV.   In Simple Viewer:

                         -  frame size:  1

                         -  stage padding:  22

                         -  thumbnail rows:  4

                         -  thumbnail columns:  3

                         -  thumbnail scaling:  show album

                         -  OK

         -  OK

         -  START   (from Porta Startup screen)


  V.  Adding to web site:

     1.  Porta created the flash page in Front Page web site in previously selected folder.

     2.  Create hyperlink to INDEX file (that was created by Porta in ALBUM directory)

     3.  Upload Front Page web as usual.


   Directory Structure  

          C:\my documents \ my webs \ 100-the photo experience \ 350-figure-wildcat \

          porta-flash-KAT09  (place 300 & 360 pxlht jpegs here)  \ album \ (this file created by Porta)