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Zeiss Contax IIIA & lenses


Above is an image of a Contax IIIa with turret, and 4 lenses: 


Carl Zeiss Jena Nr.1422xxx Tessar 1:8 f=2.8CM  (circa 1934)

Carl Zeiss Jena Nr.1983xxx Sonnar 1:1.5 f=5CM  (circa 1932)

Carl Zeiss Jena Nr.2139xxx Sonnar 1:2 f=8.5CM  (circa1936)

Carl Zeiss Jena Nr.1692xxx Sonnar 1:4 f=13.5CM  (circa 1937)

Carl Zeiss Jena Nr.1735xxx Sonnar 6.3 f=18CM  (circa 1937)

(not shown)


     The equipment is not really in collector condition but it all works and the glass is free of haze and dust.  For some reason, polished metal lenses show signs of wear much more easily than modern composite lenses.  Now I have an appreciation of why these types of metal lenses in perfect condition demand such high prices.