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Nikon F & 18 mm F4 AIS Lens


Produced from 1974 to 1981, this lens looks awesome attached to one of the earlier Nikon SLRs.  The Series 9 filter is held in place with a screw-on type hood.  


I've used the lens primarily for interior and exterior architectural work in tight areas and achieved really sharp images.  18 mm is a good size for accentuating curves and lines in a scene.  The lens has been criticized for soft corners and limited close up capability but these issues just aren't a factor for architectural work.  Nikon has always had an excellent reputation for its wide angles and this lens is no exception.


The lens originally sold for about $400, but in recent years,  the used price has steadily risen to about $700 which is only slightly less than the later F3.5 model.