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VRU Vacuum Pump - 2019








This page documents the replacement

of an old McGill Liquid Vacuum Pump

with a modern Aereon Dry Vacuum

Pump Unit. 




  Prior to Construction




Old McGill Glycol Vacuum Pump Unit




Completed Dry Vacuum Unit - Sparkly




Old McGill Unit Electronics Disaster

Week 1 

   Empty Fluids / Degas / Demolish & Remove






Wednesday - Dismantling Pumps & Piping






Thursday - All Pumps & Piping Removed






Thursday - Only Old I-beam Skid Remains



Friday- Skid Hauled Away and Pad Cleanup

Week 2 

    New Skids Placement






Monday - Manifold Skid to Carbon Beds Line Up







Monday - Pump Skid #1 Ready to be Placed on Original Cement Pad







Manifold Skid Lined up to Carbon Beds







Tuesday - Additional Skids Positioned on Concrete Pad







Final Lineup of all 4 Skids







Wiring in Elec. Boxes Prior to Connecting to Skids

Wk 4

   Final Setup






Liquid Pumps for Inbound and Outbound to CARBOB Tank







View of Redundant Dry Vacuum Pumps by Back Wall







Absorber Tower Skid Prior to In/Out Piping to CARBOB Tank







Inbound and Outbound Piping to CARBOB Tank







Overall View with Power & Communications Conduit







Gauge for Absorber Tower - Old School but New







Carbon Bed Manifold with Elec. & Support







Electrical Control Panels for Each Skid







View from Control Room Pending Painting







New Absorber Tower with Elec. & Vapor Tubing (above)


   Wrap Up






Aereon & Tesco Instrumentation in Ops Room







Pipe Stabilizer above Pump Flex Connector