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As a fiscal conservative, I don't understand how some politicians, wealthy individuals, and organizations get away paying a lesser percentage of federal income taxes than most working Americans.  This isn't new and few politicians seem inclined to do anything about it, Republican or Democrat. 


As a working professional, when I add up my Federal Income tax, CA state tax, Social security, Medicare, and other local taxes, I'm closing in on 60%.  With the federal deficit increasing, Medicare facing longer lived participants, and SS paying out increasing sums for disability, it is highly likely that those tax rates will be going up.  Unfortunately, it will be paid for by working professionals.


Through careful tax planning and the use of trusts, foundations, offshore accounts, real estate and other tax avoidance schemes, a large proportion of the wealthy pay a substantially lesser proportion of their gain in wealth each year than working professionals. Mitt Romney admitted he paid around 17% but at least he was honest about it.  Warren Buffet has admitted that his personal assistant pays a higher percentage of her earnings in federal income tax than he does. 


Trump is another situation.  We know that the Clintons funnel a lot of their wealth questionably through the Clinton Foundation but nobody has any clue about Trump's situation.  I believe that through cutting taxes and making sure all taxes due are paid, the economy of the US can move forward and reduce the deficit.  However, too many of the wealthy are getting a free ride.  I just don't have any trust in a candidate that refuses to communicate his taxes because he may be paying significantly less taxes (percentage wise) than the rest of Americans.


I do not have time to use this site to effect a change in the upcoming presidential election but hopefully, the buyer of this domain name, might be able to. 


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