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  How could the Experts get it so wrong:  (And the main stream media is complicit.)

       -   The
experts at CDC advised the general public that face masks make people more susceptible to Coronavirus.

                In California, face coverings are now mandatory.

       -   The experts at CDC told us in mid March that we would need to shelter at home for 2 weeks.

                2 months later, we're still sheltering at home.

       -   The experts at CDC proclaimed that as many as 7% of people in the U.S. who catch Coronavirus, will die.

                It appears that many more people have had and gotten over Coronavirus, that the death rate is more like 0.7%.

                A study in San Mateo estimated 80 times more people have had Coronavirus, resulting in a death rate of 0.2%.

       -  The political experts mandated that all residents should stay home.

               Over 66% of people catching Coronavirus were at home.  (Most viruses don't like outside.)

       -  The experts in the States clamor for more ventilators and accuse Trump of miss-management. 

                In a study of 2,600 people with Coronavirus that had been placed on ventilators, 88% died.

                (Adding oxygen to CPAP is much more effective and much less aggressive.) 

      -   The experts in the States demand more test kits before they will end the lockdown. 

                South Africa has a lower infection rate but has few test kits. 

                They are excellent at contract tracing due to prior experiences Tuberculosis and Ebola. 

       -  The experts in California in mid March, predicted that 25.5 million Californians would be infected with Coronavirus. 

               By mid April,  there were 27,000.

       -  The expert governors of many states are dictating that all residents "shelter in place". 

               By everyone sheltering in place, there will be no hear immunity to protect us from the return of the virus.

               50% of victims in NY were indoors, e.g. nursing homes, using common ventilation.

       -  The experts told us to STAY AT HOME.  Surfers were even arrested in Huntington beach.

               It turns out that the sun and heat at the beach actually destroys the Coronavirus as it does other viruses. 

              Outdoor activities, not socializing, are superior for strengthening one's immune system and mental health. 

       -  The experts told us to sanitize all surfaces which resulted in the rush to purchase billions of dollars of sanitizer. 

               Turns out that Vovig-19 really doesn't survive porous surfaces for any length of time. 

       -  The experts told us that asymptomatic carries were unknowingly infecting everyone. 

               Turns out that they actually don't as of June 8, 2020.

        -  The expert politicians (not medically trained themselves) blamed Trump for not following the fact and science.

                Turns out they didn't have any facts or science and were pretty much wrong on many fronts.

        -  The experts in California banned single use plastic bags so we could save humanity.

                 Now single use plastic bags are banned to save humanity (from Covig-19)

        -  Medical experts criticize use of Hydroxychloroquine based on ineffectiveness and side affects.

               News media reports on failure of Chloroquine.  Chloroquine is NOT Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromycin or Zinc.

               A study in NY against Hydroxychloroquine was financed by the makers of Remdesivir, a competitor drug. 

        -  Medical experts advised that Covid -19 case would increase in Texas if opened up for business.  They did.

               They forgot to tell you that they just started counting people with Covig-19 antibodies for the first time.  


  The main problem is that is by self-proclaimed experts in higher government positions dictating actions that are not only incorrect, but dangerous and yet they don't seem it have any remorse of people dying due to their mandates.






        -  Why are police subject to a whole weaker set of laws than non-police?

               If you or I killed someone with our knee on their neck, we would be thrown in jail immediately and charged with murder.

               It normally takes weeks to change a policeman for which would otherwise be considered a criminal offense. 

               It could take years for the prosecution to be completed. 

        -  Why are police departments not subject to the elected officials of the jurisdiction in which they work.

               Police Depts. always seem to have the upper hand over the city administrators.

               Shouldn't police departments operate at the pleasure of the city and its elected officials.  It seem just the opposite.

        -  Why do police unions have so much power defending their members from prosecution.

                Perhaps if the union officials could be named as co-conspirators for bad cops, they might choose different.

                Ironically,  police unions mostly support democrat candidates. 






        -  US highest poverty rate at 20% or 8 million persons.  (Another 20% near poverty.)

        -  Greatest number of homeless people at 150,000.

        -  Most people on some form of public assistance accounting for 1/3 of all public assistance in nation.

        -  One quarter of state's population not born in U.S.

        -  Largest number on non-English speakers in workforce in U.S. 




 Classic Rant

In one tweet, Reiner alleged that Trump


  • is mentally deranged – There is literally no evidence whatsoever to support this claim, which forms the basis of Democrats’ demands that Trump be removed from office under the 25th Amendment for incapacitation.
  • is a con man – Democrats cling to this claim, though Trump has never been prosecuted for any fraud or “con.”
  • colluded with an enemy – 100% false, as proven by the report of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
  • stole the 2016 election – False. And even witnesses like former Director of Intelligence James Clapper, who thought evidence of “collusion” might emerge, testified under oath that Russia did not tamper with voting.
  • abused women – Trump has faced (and denied) accusations of sexual impropriety, but never of “abuse.”
  • praised Nazis – In fact, he condemned them “totally.” Reiner is repeating what is called the “fine people hoax.”
  • took babies from mothers – This refers to the policy of holding children separately from adults when they are arrested crossing the border illegally. It was begun under the Obama administration and ended by Trump.
  • decimated rule of law – In fact, Trump has restored the rule of law, obeying the courts, respecting the separation of powers, and preserving the prerogatives of the states. Barack Obama was practically a law unto himself.
  • allowed tens of thousands of Americans to die – On the contrary, Trump shut down the U.S. economy rather than allowing millions to die of Coronavirus. His early travel ban on China helped slow the spread of the virus.   xxxx


Caucasian Americans are now only 19 percent of UC students, down from 38 percent a quarter century ago — this change reflects the increasing ethnic diversity of Californians .

According to 2018 US Census Bureau estimates, California's population was 59.5% White (36.6% Non-Hispanic White), 14.7% Asian, 13.8% Some Other Race, 5.8% Black or African American, 0.8% Native Americans and Alaskan Native, 0.4% Pacific Islander and 5.1% from two or more races.