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  Coronavirus Dates:     

        01/16/20 - Impeachment trial begins.  (Americans already knew probable outcome.)
        01/28/20 - Tucker Carlson warns of consequences of Coronavirus in China.

        01/28/20 - Greg Gutfeld rails against Democrats and Republicans for minimizing Coronavirus.

                                Democrats focus only on impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. 
        02/02/20 - Trump places travel restrictions on people coming from China.
        02/03/20 - CNN and MSNBC warn of over- hyping potential affects of Coronavirus.

                               Democrat media call Republicans xenophobes.
        02/05/20 - Democrat impeachment trial ends with failure to remove President from office.

        02/19/20 - In Democrat debate, MSNBC commentators fail to ask questions about Coronavirus pandemic.
        02/24/20 - Nancy Pelosi encourage all Americans to visit San Francisco Chinatown.  

        03/10/20 - Mayor De Blasio on MSNBC advises New Yorker's to go about their business as normal.


  All the above can be readily viewed on unaltered video from reputable sources. 




        -  US highest poverty rate at 20% or 8 million persons.  (Another 20% near poverty.)

        -  Greatest number of homeless people at 150,000.

        -  Most people on some form of public assistance accounting for 1/3 of all public assistance in nation.

        -  One quarter of state's population not born in U.S.

        -  Largest number on non-English speakers in workforce in U.S.