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Senate Republicans attempted to pass a “skinny repeal” bill that would undo some portions of the Affordable Care Act on July 28, but the bill failed after three GOP senators voted against it.

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I just sent an email to the Kaiser Family Foundations to see if they has presented a position paper on what could be done about the American healthcare system to make it efficient, economic, and compassionate.   Their answer ...crickets.  I would like to really hear some good ideas and, so far, I've heard almost nothing from the "grown ups".  So I thought I would give it a shot myself in less than a couple hundred words. 


First, the first level of healthcare is not for the individual, but the entire population.  This would include free healthcare for all for disease control which could lead to epidemics.  The control of Aides would be a prime example of a disease in which all Americans should get free healthcare for the benefit of the general population.


Second,  I'm a free (and fair) market person and you can't even begin to create a fair market system unless everyone (including health insurers, Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans) pays the same price for the same service or procedure.  If I choose not to have insurance, why should I pay up to 8 times more for the same service as someone else who has some sort of insurance.  In effect, as an individual, I'm subsidizing the insurance industry.  You're just keeping the health insurance companies (middle man) in business. 


Third, with the age of the internet, there is no excuse for all medical providers not to post their prices so that consumers really can make the best choice.  Isn't this the foundation of the free market system.  Where free market systems have been implemented, prices came down really quickly


Fourth, there are persons, who through no fault of their own, have just been dealt a bad health hand in life. There should be a special fund to bail out these people who really do need an extra hand.


 It's called Medicaid and should also cover mothers and children. By requiring providers to charge the same price, doctors would be easier to find and offer better care.


Finally (and there really is a lot more), insurance companies can now enter the scene insuring the relatively healthy with an assortment of plans that an individual or company can untilize in the marketplace.      




(fact source: General News)