Principles of Human Nature

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Human Nature


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(First World Edition)


BIG 5:  (This particularly applies to politics.)


   1) Don't take my stuff.


   2) Don't tell me what to do.


   3) Don't denigrate me.


   4) People like to feel that they have a say in their fate. 










         1.4)  People don't like when other people get free stuff they don't believe that the other person


         1.5)  People don't like being told what's in their best interest from other people. 

         1.6)  Clean up your own act before you ask others to clean up theirs.



2) People perform better in a competitive environment.


3) People work better with greater success when challenged.  


4) Personal "self worth" is based on accomplishment (and the freedom enjoy the psychological and monetary rewards). 


5) People don't like when government reduces their standard of living through increasing taxes.


6) People don't like when an individual, a company, or a government acts monopolistically. 


7) People don't like cheaters.  They like a fair playing field where no other person or company has an unfair advantage. 


8) People don't like it when one person's gain is another person's loss or when one group's gain is at the expense of another. 


9)  Individual achievement is the primary path to economic success, individually and nationally.


10)  Humans will always take the path of least resistance.


11)  People are not fungible, each has different strengths, desires, motivations, and capabilities. 


12) People may be "politically" equal in some societies but they are not "personally" equal. 


13) People will pay for a service if they receive real and quantifiable services.


14) People don't like braggarts. 


15) People don't like being lied to. 


16) People don't like secrets being withheld from them, especially by the government.

   Some Truths:




 - I have learned that with some people who lie, they actually can rationalize that they are telling the truth.


- A person whom you are talking to has more credibility if they are able to objectively analyze the "pros and cons" of an argument based on facts and then concisely articulate their position.


 - Transportation districts are taking money and lanes from high traffic roads and repurposing them to lightly used walking and bike paths at the expense of road budgets.


- When dealing with countries with poor human rights records, showing political lenience will only end in worse human rights.


- Corporations are no less democratic internally (and they're not) than foundations and government agencies. 


 -  Capitalism does not exclude any other form of competition including non-profits, coops, foundations etc.   Other forms of government such as socialism do exclude capitalism.  What are they afraid of?


 -  Crony capitalism is not capitalism. 


-  Money is not  "principle".


-  Incompatible cultural temperaments are tough on Democracy.


- Dealing from a position of strength will lead to more successful negotiations with other parties.


   Personal Principles: 




-     Before I criticize someone else for an action, I use a little introspection to make sure I'm not doing it myself.  (I have a personal dislike for hypocrites, especially in politics or by someone who is trying to tell me how I should liver my life.)


 - Scientific Theory: (Understanding the natural world through repeated testing and confirmation through observation and experimentation.)


 - The search for "reality" is a life long endeavor. 







   Capitalism versus Socialism: 




 - The problem with socialism is that it violate many tenets of human nature as outlined in the first section above.