Review:   Subaru CrossTrek                                                                                                                                                                                         


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 Model Driven:   --   2013 Subaru XV CrossTrek 2.0i Limited with 2 option packages including Navigation.
 What is it?   --   The Subaru is a jacked up, car-based, mini SUV with all wheel drive.
 Aesthetics: 9   I subjectively believe that the WRX is the best looking mini SUV on the market. 
 Body Fat: 8   Occupant/cargo capacity to body mass is quite good especially at 3,150 lbs.
 Fit for Purpose: 10   Seamless driving in clear, wet, and icy conditions. 
 Fit & Finish: 9   Very nice.  Keep in mind this is a utility vehicle, not a luxury vehicle.  No noticeable irregularities.
 Occupancy: 8   4 persons very comfortably with 4 door access plus easy lift rear.
 Power: 5

  4 cylinder, 148 HP boxer- barely adequate power, doesn't compare to European competition - 0-60 under 10 seconds.

 Transmission: 6   Continuous Variable transmission (CVT) - not too bad, fake gears programmed into unit.
 Suspension: 9   Fully independent raised suspension - Nice  Clearance of 8.7 inches even better. 
 Maneuverability: 8   Excellent turning radius.  Handles well and feels solid.
 Fuel Consumption: 4   25/33 Nope.  Averaging about 24 MPG.  Audi A3 rated the same but actually gets 28+.
 Visibility: 7   Very spacious & open  front & side windows but rear view a little difficult.  Side mirrors good.
 Irritants: 8   This vehicle is much better than some of the more negative reviews on the internet. 
 Surprises 8   Great air conditioner and better than average radio sound. 
 Ease of Use: 9   Basic driver with limited electronics to confuse the driver.
 Conclusion 8

  Good, solid, all-wheel drive vehicle that can be used for commuting and trips on dusty, rainy, and icy roads without

   trepidation.  Don't need to be a techie to drive the WRX.  Old school. 

 At 75,000 miles 7

 - Drives exceptionally well for a vehicle with a fair amount of miles on it.

 - Relatively maintenance free.  Currently on 2nd set of tires and 2nd battery. 

 - Burns about a quart of oil every 3,000 miles.

 - Mileage struggles to get 22.5 mpg.  Apparently this is common.

 - Front, passenger side windshield cracked due to installation.  If replaced, will just crack again. 


     Notes:  1 worse / 10 fantastic