Michael F. Dougherty

Orange, CA




My job consists of anything and every thing regarding a petroleum products handling, blending, and truck rack loading terminal facility.  From monitoring regulations to developing and analyzing market opportunities, coordinating engineering, internal approvals, permitting, construction, operation, and ultimately financial success. There is no job function delineation although employees and consultants are used to achieve many of the goals.  . 


The job is what the applicant makes of it.  The goal is to both save money on existing operations and also make money on new operations.


The job function relies heavily on experience.  ("You don't know what you don't know.") 


Facility Management and Financial performance Marketing, Supply & Distribution, and Business Development professional with a proven track record in West Coast petroleum industry.  Experienced at analyzing petroleum markets, developing commercial projects, and preparing capital proposals for management.  Currently specializing in the LA Basin 3rd party terminal market including the leasing of assets, business and project development, and market analysis.


 Because the job function is so open, over the years I have developed a few skill sets that allow me to manage my job. 

      - Diagram drawing for the purpose of quickly outlying and communicating more complicated ideas.

      - HTML 3 Web Site to organize and communicate many ideas in different fields.


Working familiarity with regulations concerning petroleum products, terminal environmental, and permitting and construction of tanks, trucks racks and pipelines.


In a smaller petroleum facility ...create master plan, create projects, development, permitting, engineering and construction.


"I don't run the facility; I make it run better."




CEA write-ups, market strategy, economics, diagrams,


work best in companies with limited internal bureaucracy and departments.




Petro-Diamond Incorporated, Irvine, CA                                                                        2001 - present



Responsible for Petro-Diamond Terminal petroleum handling facility in Long Beach, CA.


         Responsible for monitoring and implementing programs for CA greenhouse gas emissions

         Primary reports include manager Environmental and Terminal Ops Manager

         Expanded facility through tank expansion projects. 

         Automated truck rack. 

         Developed ethanol-blending business in 2002.




GATX TERMINALS CORPORATION, Long Beach, CA                                                    1993 - 2001


Manager of Commercial

Continuously monitor petroleum industry activity, direct and coordinate strategy development, complete market analysis and pursue higher return opportunities.  Responsibilities also include monitoring and mapping several petroleum logistics market segments, developing and reconciling the annual revenue budget, and analyzing financial feasibility of business opportunities for West Coast Petroleum Facilities. (1996 2000)


         Initiated, developed, and completed major crude blending operation for major refiner adding $1.6 million per year in revenue.


         Completed additional pipeline connections to local refineries and utility terminals resulting in direct pipeline revenue and increased utilization of existing tankage to over 95%.


         Currently pursuing long-term ethanol logistics solutions with LA Basin refiners with estimated potential incremental revenue of $2.5 million per year. 


Sales Manager

Managed sales group in Los Angeles with $42 million revenue budget.  Responsibilities included meeting sales objectives for facility revenue growth, volume thruput, and business unit EBIT. (1993 1996)


         Prepared justification for successful purchase of competitor black oil terminal in LA Basin.


         Developed successful financial justifications for tank degassing project at Carson and Marine Vapor Recovery unit at Harbor Terminal.


         Completed commercial side of major deep draft, 80 MBPD crude unloading project in Port of LA.


         Directed sales strategies to compete successfully against major refiners placing excess tankage into 3rd party terminal marketplace during the mid 90s.



PETRO-DIAMOND INC., Irvine, CA                                                                                 1989 - 1993


         Manager Facility Operations - Responsible for negotiating and monitoring contracts with 3rd

party terminal customers, coordinating trading activities at the terminal facility, reviewing all environmental issues concerning product quality, air emissions, water processing, and monitoring financial performance and preparing capital budget.


         General Manager Fuel Oil - Responsibilities included exporting fuel oil cargoes to the Far East, supervising supply operations in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and supplying fuel to offshore fishing fleets.



CHAMPLIN REFINING / ULTRAMAR, Long Beach, CA                                                   1983 - 1989


         Manager of Refined Products Supply & Distribution for 2 years.  Responsibilities included supervising pipeline schedulers, forecasting distribution system product requirements, drafting department budget, and leasing surplus assets.

         Feedstock Buyer - 4 years in the crude & feed stocks department.  Responsibilities included purchasing an average 40,000 barrels per day of refinery feed stocks.


TEXACO INC,   Los Angeles, CA                                                                                   1974 1983


         Area Coordinator for 2 years.   Responsibilities covered supply and distribution of residual fuels; liquid petroleum gasses refinery components, feed stocks and the scheduling of vessels on the West Coast.        

         Scheduler for 2 years.   Negotiated facility agreements and over-viewed refined product movements on major West Coast pipeline systems. 

         Marketing Representative - 5 years in wholesale marketing with 50-retail unit territory.




         Past member Independent Liquid Terminal Association  (ILTA)

         LA / Long Beach Harbor Association of Industry & Commerce (HAIC)




         Master of Business Administration Degree‑ Woodbury University‑ June 1982

Major:  marketing and management                                                                                     

         Bachelor of Science Degree‑ University of Southern California‑ January 1974

Major:  finance