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There were no plans available for the corner of Pinnacle Point and Terrace Ridge. 






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In January earlier this year, The Pinnacle Pointe Board of Directors (BOD) approved and performed a "clear cut" of all established trees and vegetation on the Association slopes on the south side of Canyon View parallel to Pinnacle Pointe and Canyon View (streets) facing Association homes.  The clear cut was performed without notification or the knowledge or any non-board members of the Association.  The alleged purpose of the landscape replacement was to reduce water consumption and reduce maintenance of the slope.  Please note that the vegetation on the slope had survived very nicely through the recent draught with little water and little maintenance and no similar clear cuts were performed on the north side of Canyon View. 



     1)  Over 30 mature trees (except oak trees) were cut down along with hundreds of established plants over 26 years old.

     2)  Our house is one of several houses in the development that does not have a view of the ocean.  The trees on the hill in front of our house were our view. 

     3)  The trees camouflaged a SoCal Gas communications tower across the street from our house; now it is plain site all the time.

     4)  The trees provided some privacy from the house on the hill above us and from cars driving up Pinnacle Pointe from Canyon view. 

     5)  Many association members are concerned that the roots of the established trees and vegetation were important to maintaining the integrity of the slopes.

     6)  The mature trees acted as a partial wind buffer from very strong Santa Ana winds funneled up Pinnacle Pointe. 

     7)  The trees and vegetation were a home to lots of birds and wildlife and provided a minor cooling affect from sun rays bouncing off the hill against our house.



     1)  No notification of the clear cut was ever provided to the members of the Association. 

     2)  The BOD vote regarding the clear cut was made in private session with no non-board members in attendance.

     3)  The BOD first removed all ground vegetation, and a couple couple weeks later, removed all the trees except the oak trees.

     4)  The BOD advised that some of the trees roots were affecting the irrigation system but the stumps and roots were never removed. 

              (I could only find 2 trees and would have gladly paid to have the 100 feet of irrigation pipe affected rerouted.)

     5)  The affected slopes directly faced inward to the homes along Pinnacle Pointe and Terrace Ridge.  These were not slopes that faced outward from members homes. 



     1)  The BOD has presented plans to replant the slopes but there will be no trees included due to budget constraints.  (So why did they cut down the trees!) 

     2)  The BOD recently added plants to some slopes on the north side of Canyon View but no trees were cut down.



     x)  Zoning violation


     x)  After talking to the other affected homeowners, it is difficult to understand how the Board was acting in the best interests of the rest of the Association.

     x)  Where was the Association management company














































      Oak Tree & Newly Planted Slope










      Slope Plant Options





  Indian Hawthorn



  Variegated Pittosporum


  Southern Live Oak - Quercus Virginiana