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Nikon AIS (3rd Gen.) 1200 F11    (This lens has been sold)



Long lenses over 800 mm are no longer mass produced since most photographers requiring these extreme focal lengths will opt for a 600 mm lens with a 1.4X or 2X tele converter.  In fact, silent wave auto focus should function properly with the 1.4X, and with a little luck and lots of sun, satisfactorily with the 2X.  


Why purchase of a 1200 MM lens built in 1983.  Other than for its historical / collector's value, it will be primarily  used at the beach.  Since the 500 AFS is a significant investment for any amateur photographer and relies on electronics for its operation, I prefer to use less expensive, mechanically operated equipment in salty environments.  (Only 574 units produced.)


The lens weighs less than 9 pounds, contains 2 low dispersion elements (9 elements in 8 groups), built in lens hood, 39 mm filter drawer and AIS compatibility.  This lens is the 3rd and last version built by Nikon. The lens was purchased in bargain condition at 2/3rd the cost of a similar lens in mint condition.