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Folio - Intro

Collections of "select" images, mostly to bucket list locations.






Munising Autumn





A set of 30 image, taken in Munising of water falls and autumn color.


Additional images in the database may be viewed here.


Central Florida Birds





A set of 37 images, taken at Apopka Lake, Gatorland, Lake Kissimmee,

Lake Blue, Stick marsh, and  Wakadahatchee.  


Additional images may be viewed here.


La Jolla Cove Pelicans





A set of 13 images, taken on the cliffs of La Jolla just south of the coves.


Additional images of Pelicans in La Jolla may be seen here.



Smokey Mountains





A set of 17 images, taken in Smokey Mountains N.P. mostly on Cades Cove

Loop Road, Tremont Road, and Foothills Parkway.


Additional images from Smokey Mountains N.P. may be seen here.



Kachemak Bay, AK





A set of 30 images, mostly of Bald Eagles. on the eastern inlets of

Kachemak Bay in March.  The surprise was the abundance of other

wildlife like mountain goats, harbor seals, and weasels.


Additional images from Kachemak Bay, Alaska may be seen here.


Acadia N.P - Fall





A set of 23 autumn images, captured over 5 days in Acadia National Park,

Maine.  The trip started at 70 degrees F and ended at 35 degrees F.  Peak color.


Additional images from Acadia N.P. may be seen here.


New Zealand - Fall





A set of 19 images, captured over 8 days in New Zealand's South Island

including stays in Christchurch, Twizel, Wanaka, Te Anau, and Queenstown.


Additional images from New Zealand, South Island may be seen here.  


Ouray Colorado  - Fall





A set of 13 images, captured over 5 days in  Ouray Colorado along the

Million Dollar Highway from Silverton to Red Mountain, to Telluride.  


Additional images from Ouray, Colorado may be seen here.  


Patagonia - Fall





A set of 13 images, captured over 17 days in  Patagonia including Torres del Paine, Perito Moreno Glacier, and Mt. Fitzroy.  


Additional images from Patagonia may be seen here.  


Anza Borrego  








A set of 7 prints, captured over  2 days of  Anza Borrego State Park in

San Diego County, CA.  and the immediate wildlife area.  The weather was unseasonably blistering hot and all the wild flowers had withered weeks

earlier.  However, I did locate some endangered mountain goats.


Additional images from Anza Borrego may be seen here.  







A set of 22 images, captured over  9 days in  Southern Iceland.   A

variety of images that attempt to portray the experience of traveling

some really unique landscape, waterfalls, and glaciers.


Additional images from Iceland may be seen here.  


Jackson Hole - Winter





A set of 9 prints, captured over  3 days, of  Jackson Hole and the immediate wildlife area.  The weather was miserable and not particularly photographic

 so it was a real challenge to capture some unique images. 


Additional images from Iceland may be seen here.  


Olympic N.P.





A set of 9 prints, captured over 5 days, of Olympic National Park.  The folio images are based  on only one visit to the park.  Oly NP typically experiences over 150" of rain per year.  I experienced less than a half inch in one week.


Additional images from Iceland may be seen here.  


Yellowstone Winter  




A collection of 11 images, captured over 6 days, in Yellowstone National

Park.  We traveled by snow coach and snow mobile over frozen terrain

from thermal to thermal.  We would travel for miles without ever seeing

another person.


Additional images from Yellowstone N.P. may be seen here.      






Yosemite Winter





A set of 9 prints taken during 4 separate winters in Yosemite Valley. 

Yosemite Valley is only several thousand feet above sea level and is

a lot hotter in the summer than it is cold in the winter. 


Additional images from Iceland may be seen here.  


Buttermilk Road





A set of 10 prints taken along a rough dirt road about 20 miles east of

Bishop, CA.  Large boulders line the entrance to Buttermilk Road with outstanding views of Mt Tom, Basin Mountain, and Mt. Humphreys along

the way.


Stream Side





A set of 7 prints taken streamside in Yosemite National Park during varying seasons over a period of 10 years.  Only one of the images faintly reveals Yosemite as the location which demonstrates that the Valley is an unlimited source of photographic opportunities.











A set of 9 prints, with a different approach to photographing sunflowers. 

The colors are just different than other flowers and are simply stunning. 


Spring Bulbs





A set of 13 prints, taken over a decade attempting to catch the beauty of blooming tulips at Descanso Gardens in La Canada, California


Diving Pelicans





A set of 6 prints, capturing Pelicans diving for fish at Bolsa Chica.  Pelicans

not only look like dinosaurs but they also dive for fish in a very unusual

and angular way. 







A set of 7 prints, captured over a couple hours, of Avocets at San Joaquin

Marsh in Irvine California.  There were a number of young chicks in the

pond and was fascinating observing the interaction of Avocets, their chicks,

and other water birds.


Figure Scapes





A set of prints taken over several years in Monterey, California of the

human  figure.


(Includes mature content.)