TECH  -  1)  Now What Do I Do


    Your subject is in front of you.  Some of the possible techniques to consider:


Photo Experience



Now What ?










 1. Now What?

 2. Composition

 3. Technical















    1)  Initial Capture:               

  Look high, look low, left , right, up, down, behind.

  Warm up.  Be Impulsive.  Insurance shots.

  Tripple expose.  (0 / -1 / +1)

  Tripple distance. (medium / close / far)

    2)  Big capture:               

  Sense of location.

    3)  Telephoto compression:      

  Capture the essence of a scene.

  But don't forget to see the forest for the trees.

    4 Wide angle expansion:  

  Environmental shot especially with good cloud formations. 

    xx)  Something different:          

  Shoot something different or something in a way seldom shot before.

    5)  Panorama:                 

  Consider this option if the scene lends itself to this format.

    6)  Bracket Exposure:  

             (Check histogram)   

  Exposure bracket in difficult light situations.  Intentional under or over exposure. 

     (The "correct" exposure is not necessarily the "right" exposure.)

    7)  Extreme close-up:     

  (Use "Live View" when using telephoto zoom.)

    8)  Shallow DOF:       

  Make duplicate images at different focus points.

    9)  Extreme DOF:           

  Helicon Focus in post processing.

   10)  Very long exposure: 

          (Try multiple shorter

           exposures & stack in CC.)

  Smooth out rough water or clouds.  (For > 30 seconds, see slo-mo technique.)

      (For < 30 seconds, use bracketing with .6 ND filter.)

      (If windy or tripod unstable, shorten legs.)

      (Absolutely VR off and AF off - focus first with AF on.)

   11)  Extreme Back Lighting:

  Bracket on tripod - Photomatrix and or blending in Photoshop.

   12)  Elements of light:

  Mottled light / sun strategically located in image / fog & clouds

   13)  Alpine Glow:

  Shoot scenics 25 minutes after sunset.

   14)  Water:                       

  Rough, smooth, reflection, close-up details

   15)  Creative:                       

  Move body and down or sideways while shooting

  Zoom in or out while shooting. 

   16)  Double Exposure in Post:   

  Take multiple images in slight breeze and FOCUS STACK in post

   17)  Start over:                  

  After shooting a subject, walk away, re-look at the scene, shoot it again.


  Get immersed in the subject.










     1)  Exposure Bracket.

     2)  Focus Bracket.

     3) Smoothing Bracket Layer (F16)

     4) Multiple shot smoothing.



    1) Trying to replicate the experience of being at a location?

    2) Sense of place?

    3) Does the image feel right?




     Other Considerations: 






    You've been seeing and shooting for years.  Trust your instinct. 

    There is a difference between "taking a picture" and "making a picture".

    Plan for luck. - If it happens, it happens, if it doesn't, it doesn't.

    Is it Boring?  WOW factor!  Different?  Stop viewer.  Make viewer think?

    No one cares about your photos but the world needs work that matters.

    Viewers don't know what they want.  You have to show them what they want.

   Take a picture ..... Capture an image ..... make Art

   Think about what the final image would look like as a print.